• Sawyer Collage writing


    Jun 16 2016

    Take a look at this little guy, Sawyer!  Sawyer is 8 months old and is a Border Terrier/Chihuahua mix.  He is a sweet sweet pup and is going to make…

  • Sable Collage writing


    Jun 15 2016

    Meet Sable!  This adorable 8 week old, 7 pound puppy will capture your heart the minute you see here.  She is as sweet as she is beautiful.  And talk about…

  • Splinter Collage Writing


    Jun 15 2016

    If you want a little dog with a BIG personality Splinter is just the dog for you!  This little guy has so much personality I just don’t know how he…

  • Mindy Collage Writing


    Jun 14 2016

    OK, I know I say it all the time, but is this not the cutest puppy ever!  This is little Mindy, also known as Junebug!  Why Junebug?  One of the…

  • Addie Collage Writing


    Jun 13 2016

    Addie is a 12 year young Yorkie who is looking for a forever home.  You would never know this little lady is twelve.  She has a youthful spirit and has…

  • Dumplin Collage with writing


    Jun 07 2016

    Dumplin is looking for a very special family who will commit to taking care of her for the rest of her life.  She was recently surrendered to our clinic because…

  • Clara Collage


    May 26 2016

    Take a look at Clara!  She is an adorable tiny terrier mix who is about a year old.  She has the cutest curly tail and scruffy little face.  At about…

  • Bessie Collage


    May 26 2016

    Look at this face! No, seriously – look at this face!!  Have you ever seen anything cuter?  Bessie is a young chihuahua who came to us from a local Animal…

  • Freckles Collage


    May 26 2016

    Freckles is a tiny little girl with a stubby little tail who loves to give kisses; and she has the cutest freckles on her nose.  She was picked up as…

  • Victor Collage II


    May 25 2016

    Meet Victor!  Is this a cute face or what!?  Victor recently came into our adoption program after his daddy passed away.  He was a loyal companion, staying by his daddy’s…