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Oct 26 2016


Bruce was found by Animal Control in pretty bad shape and brought to our clinic. When we first saw him we knew there was something wrong with his face. His left eye was completely closed and he was very painful on that side of his face. After we got Bruce sedated we discovered that he had a broken jaw and that his left eye was dislodged. His eye was beyond repair and had to be removed and we wired his jaw. He was completely matted and his toenails were so long he could hardly walk. It has been amazing to see his transformation. His injuries have healed and he is a feisty, loving boy. Bruce is about a year old and we believe that he is a Maltese or Poodle mix. He currently weighs right at 5 pounds. He will stand on his hind legs to get a better look at things and he loves to climb up on your shoulder and give kisses. Once his hair grows back on the left side of his face no one will even notice that he is different. He plays in the backyard with the other small dogs and some of the large ones as well. If you are someone who likes to teach a dog tricks Bruce might be the dog for you. He seems to be very trainable. Here is a video of Bruce doing a little dance! Bruce might not be the best dog for small children because he is still startled sometimes when you approach him from his blind side. If you are interested in Bruce please visit our website at and click on the adoption tab and you will find a link to the adoption application. Bruce’s adoption fee is $150 which includes his neuter, vaccinations to the date of adoption, heartworm test, and current on flea/tick and heartworm preventative.

tysorvet | Happy Tails Adopted Gallery

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