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May 25 2018


Gizmo Chatham is one of our older dogs who really deserves a home to live out his days in.  When he first came to us we were under the mistaken impression that he was trying to nip us when we picked him up.  We were so wrong.  We don’t believe that Gizmo can see much at all – he was just trying to figure out if we had anything in our hand to eat!  Now that we realize this we know how to approach him and have realized that he is a super sweet older gentleman.  His hearing is not the best either but when we let him out in our fenced in back yard he does just fine getting around.  And he absolutely loves to eat!  We don’t know how much longer Gizmo Chatham has but for whatever time he has left we would love for him to be able to live the cushy life in a home of his very own.  He would dearly love “two hots and a cot”!  If you feel that Gizmo Chatham might be a good fit in your household please fill out an adoption application located here on our website under the adoption tab.

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