• Whiskey

    Mar 17 2016

    Whiskey is a cute, little yorkie.  He was left at an ABC store (hence his name) and came to us for our adoption program.  He can be selective of his…

  • Pepper

    Mar 17 2016

    Pepper is a 4 year old Husky that is brand new to our adoption program.  She is very strong and needs to go to a Husky savvy, active home. She…

  • Cole

    Mar 17 2016

    Meet our sweet Cole.  He is a purebred Chihuahua with long legs.  He celebrated his first birthday in April, 2016 and has been with us since he was a very…

  • Molly

    Mar 17 2016

    If you love a Hound you will love Molly! That look on her face says, “Come and play with me please!!!”  She is a gorgeous tri color Walker Hound Mix…

  • Cotton

    Feb 12 2016

    Cotton is the funniest little guy.  As you can see, by the end of his photo shoot he was trying to blow raspberries at the photographer!   He has the…

  • Jethro

    Feb 12 2016

    Jethro has a beautiful coat with brindle patches and an adorable curly tail.  He is a nice, sweet, calm dog  who will be a good snuggle buddy as well as…

  • Joplin

    Jan 27 2016

    Joplin is a super cute kitten that was born to a feral mom.  Some very nice people helped tame her until she was friendly enough to be in an adoption…

  • Luna

    Jan 21 2016

    Luna is a very sweet calico kitten. She is mischievous and ready for an adventure.

  • River

    Jan 21 2016

    River is a cute little calico kitty who is enchanting and full of love. She is frisky and fast! Always curious about something, so there will never be a dull moment…

  • Loki

    Jan 21 2016

    Meet Loki, DOB 5/5/2105.   He is a stunning grey tabby male cat that absolutely loves other cats.  In fact, Toby and Loki are absolute best friends.  Loki is very sweet-natured. …