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Jun 03 2018

Charlotte and Rusty


Meet Charlotte and Rusty, two precious Chihuahua mixes available for adoption through Tysor Veterinary Clinic’s Adoption Center, Siler City, North Carolina.

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Charlotte has a long black, tan and white coat and is approximately two years.  Rusty is short-haired, light brown and seven years.  They came from a loving home but their people could no longer take care of them.  They’ve been inside dogs only, are housetrained and have amazing house manners. They are now ready to start a new life with a new family!

Charlotte and Rusty are great buddies so we’d like for them to be adopted by the same family. The saying “two dogs are easier than one” is really true with these two cuties.  They go outside to potty together, they go to bed at the same time, they are often hanging out in the same room together, they comfort each other, and they get along wonderfully.  They are also happy to separate for a bit and hang out in the lap or beside one of their humans.

Both these dogs came into rescue quite overweight.  They will look even more fabulous when they reach a healthy size.  They are being fed separately and their food bowls are removed after they’ve had time to eat.  These two are happy to share their food so separating them at mealtime is a must in order to maintain individual portion control.  Anyone adopting will need to continue on a plan to help get these two in great shape.

They ride well in a car and, when the weather is cool enough, can be taken on short walks. As they begin to lose weight, their walks can become longer.

Charlotte and Rusty both sit on command – they are quite low-maintenance and have been great with the other dogs in their foster home and have totally ignored the cat.  They have not been “kid-tested” but will be as soon as possible.

These two are heartworm negative, spayed and neutered, microchipped, and up to date on all vaccines.

If you are interested in adopting this pair please fill out an adoption application.  You can find the application under the adoption tab on our website,           

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