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Oct 04 2019

Sarah Jane

Sarah Jane is a very special girl.  By all rights she should no longer be in this world because she was brought to our clinic to be euthanized.  She was in very poor condition when she arrived but we felt that she deserved a chance to live out her life in a nice comfortable home so we convinced her owner to surrender her to our adoption program.  When she first came in she was underweight, her skin was in bad condition, and she had a very large mammary tumor.  She has now been spayed and her tumor removed and the pathology report came back benign!  We are so very thankful for that news!!  And to top it off she tested negative for heartworms – another small miracle. She went home with someone the other night just to see how she would do in a home setting and she was great.  Slept on a comfy dog bed, ignored the cat, got along with the other dogs in the house, even in terms of sharing food and water bowls, plus she didn’t have any accidents in the house.  We are estimating that Sara Jane was born in approximately 2011 and she currently weighs 47 pounds.  If you could help a girl out and give Sarah Jane a comfortable place to lay her head she sure would appreciate it.  If you are interested in adopting her please go to our website at and click on the adoption tab.  There you will find a link to the adoption application.  If you would like to come and meet Sarah Jane please call 919-663-0115 to set up an appointment.

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