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Oct 28 2021


Max is a small chihuahua who was born approximately 3/18/15 and weighs 8 pounds. We don’t know the details about his life before he came to us but it probably wasn’t very good. While he appears to possibly be an apple head chihuahua we feel that he may have a congenital issue such as hydrocephalus or he may have a traumatic brain injury that happened at the same time his back leg was broken. He tends to “circle” a bit when crated and sometimes even spins when outside. His leg injury is an old one and does not seem to cause him any discomfort and he does use that leg for stability at times. Under normal circumstances we would have done an amputation. However due to his neurological issues we have decided not to put him under anesthesia for that unless it becomes an issue. Max is a fairly independent little fellow who does not seek our attention. However once in a home environment that part of his personality may change. Max will need a home without small children and with adults who are steady on their feet as his issues mean that he cannot move fast if he happens to get underfoot. He will need a home with a secure place to go outside and should never be left unattended or off leash when outside. Max is up to date on vaccines, has been neutered, is negative for heartworms, and is microchipped. If you feel you could provide a good environment for Max please visit our website at and fill out an adoption application. You will find the application under the adoption tab.

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