• Churro Collage Writing


    Apr 12 2017

    Are you looking for a spunky little guy to share your life with?  If so, Churro might be the perfect choice for you.  Churro is a cute little Chihuahua who…

  • Matt I


    Apr 12 2017

    What can we say about Matt!  He is a very special pup.  Matt is grumpy, sweet, playful, quiet, funny, and serious and that’s all before breakfast!  He loves to go…

  • Brandy Collage Writing


    Apr 12 2017

    Brandy is one of the happiest souls that you will ever meet.  She absolutely loves everyone she meets – human and animal.  Brandy came to us from one of our…

  • Rocky Collage writing


    Mar 20 2017

    Rocky is about 3 years old and weighs in just at 25 pounds although his photo makes him look much bigger.  He is a good medium size dog for the family…

  • Emmett Collage Writing


    Mar 01 2017

    First of all, I want everyone to know that I think all dogs are cute or handsome or pretty or some such other adjective. But in all honesty I have…

  • China II


    Mar 01 2017

    China is about 11 months old and has been on her own for almost her entire life. I can’t even begin to imagine! For the past nine months or so…

  • Boston Collage writing


    Feb 28 2017

    Boston is one of the friendliest dogs you will ever meet. He loves everyone and has never met a stranger. When Boston first came into our adoption program he had…

  • granny claire

    Granny Claire

    Jan 28 2017

    Meet Granny Claire.  Isn’t she so cute?  Granny Claire was found in Chatham County running loose and we could not find her owners.  We do not know her life story…

  • Sydney II


    Jan 28 2017

    Take a look at handsome Sydney.  He was born in approximately July of 2016 and weighs about 10 pounds.  Sydney’s coloring is not one that you see every day.  In…

  • LoLo II

    Lo Lo

    Jan 26 2017

    Are you looking for a petite low-rider with lots of spunk and energy with a dash of sweetness thrown in?  If so then Lo Lo just might be your girl. …