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Jul 03 2015



Sheena – I’m a one year old. I am a “ticked tabby”. I have an extremely unusual pattern that is uniquely me. I have an almost solid black back, with grey, black and white ticking on my body and stripes on my legs, face and tail. That’s one thing that makes me special. But, my personality is what will get your attention. I’m independent, clever and mischievous. I enjoy being brushed and groomed and I’ll purr away while you are giving me attention. Although it is quite fun roaming around the clinic all day, I would much rather have a home of my own. I do like company, so if you have other cats and doggies, then I’ll get along really good with them. I want a forever home so that I can spend the rest of my life taking long naps, exploring and being loved!

msheehy | Cats

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