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Jul 03 2015




Hey, I’m Tortie.

I am a three year old dilute tortoiseshell. I am what they call a “fluffy” girl, but it just means that I have more love to give. I have a great personality and I am normally pretty calm and docile.

You might see me sunning in the window, lounging on the sofa, or waddling down the hallway. I love to be right the middle of the action- especially on the windowsill watching the birds, squirrels, or whatever happens to wander by me.

I don’t mind other cats and dogs are alright as long as they know who the boss is. That would be because I am an independent gal and pretty much rule the roost around here. So if you are needing a cat to lay around with you, come see me at Tysor Vet Clinic. I’ll be waiting on the sofa.

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