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Oct 19 2015


Beau is one of the sweetest hounds you will ever meet but he has certainly had his share of bad luck in his short life.  When he was just a puppy he was hit by a car and the result was a broken pelvis.  His owners put him on cage rest which was the appropriate treatment.  A few months ago Beau got out into the woods and as a hound will do if unsupervised, found or caught some tasty morsel.  Unfortunately for Beau, whatever it was he ate was not able to pass through his system and he became blocked.  After extensive treatment and exploratory surgery Beau is now well on the road to recovery and ready for a new home.   The way Beau healed from his broken pelvis created a smaller “chute” for his intestines as they make their way down to his colon.  Because of this Beau’s food intake will have to be monitored.  In other words, no bones, pinecones, or small furry creatures for this boy!  Other than that Beau is the perfect hound.  Sweet as they come, gets along with all the other dogs here at the clinic, good with adults as well as children.  He will definitely need to be taken out only on a leash or have a fenced in yard.  Do you have a spot in your heart and home for Beau?  He promises to love you forever if you do.


BeauIV BeauVI BeauV BeauVII

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