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Nov 02 2015


This is Lucious who is definitely luscious and yes he is wearing a tutu!  This sweet guy was picked up by a Good Samaritan and rushed to the clinic one evening just as we were closing.  He found him on the side of the highway unable to move.  You could see every bone in his body and he felt as cold as an ice cube.  His temperature would not even register on the thermometer.  We really didn’t know if he would survive the night but the next morning he was sitting up, more alert, and able to walk a few steps.  This hunk of love is now ready for a home of his own, a warm bed, some yummy food, and a Frisbee.  Lucious gets along with the other dogs at the clinic and is an expert at catching a tossed treat.  We have never seen him miss one!  He walks nicely on a leash and knows sit.  He also loves to play fetch and will sometimes bring back what you have thrown for him.  To have been able to watch him go from death’s door to the happy vibrant fellow he is now has been wonderful for all of us but we know that it is now time to let him go.  Lucious would love to be a part of your family.  He will not disappoint you and will love you forever. 

Check him out here playing ball:

tysorvet | Happy Tails Adopted Gallery

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