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May 25 2016

Gizmo aka Chewy

Gizmo, aka Chewy, is a super sweet Shih Tzu available for adoption.  He was originally found as a stray in Alamance County and ended up at the Animal Shelter.  He was adopted in October and then returned just a few weeks ago.  We do not have the details about why he was returned but we cannot imagine why anyone would give him up.  He gets along with other dogs, is crate trained, does not seem to be a barker, walks very nicely on a leash, and just seems to want someone to love.  He got a summer cut soon after arriving at the clinic due to the fact that his coat was very matted so he has a “close shave” right how.  In addition, at 9 pounds he could stand to gain a few pounds, but not too many!  Check out this short video of this sweet pup at this link:

tysorvet | Happy Tails Adopted Gallery

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