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Jun 13 2016


Addie is a 12 year young Yorkie who is looking for a forever home.  You would never know this little lady is twelve.  She has a youthful spirit and has certainly lived a spirited life.  As with many spirited ladies, Addie has a fairly unusual story to tell.  About 7 years ago when she was only about 5 years old her mom and dad got divorced.  From what little we know about the situation, it was an amicable split except where it came to Addie!  Her mom and her dad both wanted to keep her.  Well, of course they did; she is cuteness personified!  The judge who was assigned to their divorce case thought that if he handled the situation similar to the story in the Bible of King Solomon and the two mothers that the couple would be able to come to an agreement about Addie.  However, Addie’s mom and dad apparently did not fear the judge as much as the child’s real mother feared King Solomon because neither failed to yield.   So the judge did what he thought was in Addie’s best interest and took her away from her mom and dad.  Fortunately for Addie, there was someone to step forward and take her into her home where she has lived for the past 7 years.   Her current mom had to surrender her recently due to an injury that was beyond her capacity to care for.  Addie snapped at a larger dog in the household (we believe it was because he stepped on her) and the larger dog basically tore a 2-3 inch swath of skin off of her neck.  Miraculously it missed the jugular!  Dr. Tysor has done an absolutely beautiful job of repairing the area and Addie will make a full recovery.  In fact, this spirited little lady acts like nothing ever happened.  Addie would probably do best in a home without rambunctious dogs or children.  And in case you didn’t know – the photo below is of Addie pretending to be a bunny rabbit!

Addie III

tysorvet | Happy Tails Adopted Gallery

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