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Jul 12 2016


Sonny is our newest addition to the small dog crew here at Tysor Veterinary Clinic.  He was at a local county Animal Shelter and was not receiving any interest because he did not “show” well.  They were worried that he would soon be put on the euthanasia list and asked us if we would take him.  When I picked him up from the shelter I was worried about how he would “show” here at the clinic because he was very timid and afraid.  As we so often see in rescue, it just took a few days and he was a totally different pup.  Sonny is friendly, sweet, and perky.  When you approach his kennel his tail starts wagging a mile a minute.  As with most small dogs we also believe that he will make a great snuggle companion.  If you are interested in Sonny please fill out an adoption application which can be found on our website under the adoption tab.

tysorvet | Happy Tails Adopted Gallery

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