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Jul 19 2016


Belle is available for adoption at Tysor Veterinary Clinic in Siler City, North Carolina.  She is one of the sweetest dogs you will ever meet.  She has a face that will melt your heart and the softest ears ever.  We think that Belle was probably an outside dog only before being brought to our clinic by Animal Control after being hit by a car.  However, she loves being inside or laying outside in a patch of sunshine.  Belle and another beagle were running out in a rural part of the county and ran right into the path of a car on a two lane country road.  The driver of the car did everything possible to avoid hitting the two dogs but Belle was hit.  The other beagle kept running.  The woman who hit Belle was devastated and not knowing what to do she called Animal Control who picked Belle up and brought her to our clinic.  Belle has a fractured pelvis but it is healing.  When she first came to the clinic she could not even stand.  Now she can walk but still has a bit of a limp.  Her hip sockets are intact but the fracture is such that one side is higher than the other.  We will be doing repeat x-rays soon to see how it is looking now.  Pelvic fractures normally require cage rest for many weeks and it is possible that she night need some hip surgery but we will know more once we do the repeat films.  We will post updates on her condition here on our website.  Belle is going to make a wonderful addition to someone’s family.  At this point in time we would not recommend that she go to a family with small children simply because she is still healing.  She will be a loving loyal family member and you could not ask for a sweeter dog.

Call, come by or email the Adoption Center for more information about me! The Adoption Center number is 919-663-0115.

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