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Jul 27 2016


Do you want a dog that might be able to pick up radio waves with her ears?  If the answer is yes, then take a look at Pantera.  She is a Xolo mix who was born in November of 2015 and weighs 33 pounds.  So far we have discovered three ear positions – straight up, out to the side, and one up one down!  Pantera is one sweet pup.  She is housebroken and likes other dogs as well as people.  True to her Xolo heritage she is a sturdy girl who will be very loyal to her family.  Unfortunately Pantera has severe hip dysplasia and will likely require orthopaedic surgery in the future.  She will need a family who is committed to and financially capable of providing her the veterinary care she will need if or when the time comes.  If you are interested in Panera please fill out an adoption application which can be found at the adoption tab at

Pantera Collage writing

tysorvet | Happy Tails Adopted Gallery

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