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Oct 02 2016


Hello there. My name is Jeb. I am a beagle. I am super sweet. I am pretty old. I really really really want a nice family of my own who will love me and take care of me for the remaining years of my life. Even though I’m old I heard the people at the clinic talking about how amazed they were that I am in really good shape except for my skin. And they are getting my skin all better. They seemed to be super excited when they did something called a heartworm test and I was negative. I had always thought negative was a bad thing but I guess it can be good sometimes too. And about my teeth – I was so embarrassed when I was brought to the clinic because you could smell my bad breath a whole room away. But guess what? I had some special surgery called a neuter and at the same time they worked on my mouth. I heard them say they pulled out 22 of my teeth. Boy that made me so happy cause they were really yucky I know. Of course I couldn’t see them myself but I heard everyone talking about how black they were and how they didn’t even look like teeth. That must have been awful to see. I feel so much better now that they are out of there! And just so you know, even though I am old I do have a little bit of spunk left. I got to go out in the yard with all the other dogs my size the other day and I actually tried to play a little bit. I don’t really have that much experience in playing but I think it is something that I could learn to do. I would love a comfy bed or two or three at your house. When are you coming for me? If you are interested in Jeb please visit our website at and click on the adoption tab. There you will find a link to our adoption application.

tysorvet | Happy Tails Adopted Gallery

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