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Nov 23 2016


Petey is a survivor! He was brought to us by Animal Control because a Good Samaritan had seen him for several days on her mail route with a huge gash on the side of his neck. In addition he was not using his right back leg. After the owner did not want to reclaim Pete, we took him into our adoption program. His gash has totally healed up but he still does not have much use of his back leg. We discovered that his leg was broken in June of 2016 and his previous owner did not follow up with the appropriate care from his veterinarian. While we have contemplated removing the leg we really hate to put Petey through an amputation and the recovery time and pain associated with the surgery. His leg does not cause him any pain and he does not drag it. In fact one of the things that he does that is kind of cute is he kind of throws it out to the side when he runs! Petey is super sweet and loves attention. We want him to have the kind of home he deserves where he will be an inside pup and showered with attention. He will make a great family pup.
If you are interested in this pup, please visit our website at and click on the adoption tab where you will find a link to our adoption application. Be sure and fill in every field or the application will not send. You can use n/a, etc. for questions that do not pertain to your situation. Our adoption fee is $150 which covers spay/neuter, vaccinations up to the date of adoption, heartworm test, worming, and microchip.

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