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Sep 27 2017


Izzy is a wonderful Xolo (Mexican Hairless) gal that came to us as a puppy due to having a liver shunt. She has been with us for several years as we were concerned about her health. She has been doing excellent on a prescription liver diet and two medications daily. In fact, most people would never know she has a liver issue.

Izzy LOVES her people and has never met a strange dog. She even does wonderfully with cats. She can be very protective over our back yard here at the clinic but when she goes home with one of our employees, she doesn’t act possessive at all. When she is at her house, she loves to cuddle and play. She is an expert napper and cuddlier. She even sleeps under the covers with her people.

Izzy needs a forever home that understands her breed and her liver diagnosis. She will reward you with kisses and making you laugh.

If you are interested in Izzy and understand the above, please fill out our adoption application at

tysorvet | Happy Tails Adopted Gallery

6 responses to “Izzy”

  1. Laura Armenaki says:

    I’m interested in knowing the cost of Izzy’s medication and special diet a rough monthly estimate? I’m interested in her but just want to make sure it’s something I can realistically handle. I’ve rescued dogs for years and now looking for one to make a permanent member of my family. I’m drawn to senior and dogs with medical issues as I know they have a harder time getting adopted. I have a rescue cat that loves dogs and a small child so just trying to make a educated decision so I know it will be a good fit. Thank you!

    • tysorvet says:

      Laura, the medicine is not very expensive. The prescription diet food that she has to have is about $50 per bag. Also, please realize that I am basing this on what we charge. I have no idea what other clinics would charge. Becky

  2. vera says:

    I am interested in adopting Izzy. I was wondering how much she weighs I have a small Chinese Crested. I

  3. vera says:

    I filled out an adoption app for Izzy i was wondering if it went through.

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