• vixen writing


    Jul 03 2015

    Vixen is a little cuddle bug because she was raised on a tiny baby bottle as a little bitty kitten by one of our staff members. We’ve watched her grow up…

  • Grant writing


    Jul 03 2015

    Grant   I’m GRANT. I’m actually a really cool cat – and I’m BLACK. That’s pretty cool in itself. I purr really loud and I do all kinds of tricks…

  • IMG_0063


    Jul 03 2015

    Chastity came to us as a kitten that had been tossed from a car.  We got her well and other than a squinty eye, she is absolutely perfect.  She loves…

  • tortie


    Jul 03 2015

    Tortie   Hey, I’m Tortie. I am a three year old dilute tortoiseshell. I am what they call a “fluffy” girl, but it just means that I have more love…

  • sheena3


    Jul 03 2015

    Sheena Sheena – I’m a one year old. I am a “ticked tabby”. I have an extremely unusual pattern that is uniquely me. I have an almost solid black back,…

  • trinity


    Jul 03 2015

    Trinity   I am a six year old tortoiseshell. While I only have three legs but I can zoom! I like to be petted and love on. I like to…